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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sharing photos using EasyShare, Shutterfly & Snapfish

Below is a link to the "Betsy & Bruce Visit California". Really only small differences between Ofoto (now Kodak EasyShare), Shutterfly and Snapfish. All are fast and easy to use. In the "Devil is in the details" department:

  • Shutterfly "choked" on Jpeg images it said were not Jpeg. They were simply too large, so I had to save them as smaller files using Photoshop Elements.
  • Shutterfly let me quickly edit both photo names and comments at the same time. With EasyShare, I just named the files something appropriate with no additional editorial.
  • Shutterfly cropped things a little differently, which is the reason I eliminated my composite "title" slides. It cropped the text.
  • Snapfish couldn't handle my panoramas because of file size -- wide format. Wasn't immediately obvious how I could view the slide show before sending it. Other minor interface issues that made it a little harder for me to use.

    You can judge the aesthetics and presentation yourself:

  • Bruce & Betsy's Visit (EasyShare Slideshow)

  • Shutterfly Slideshow

  • Snapfish Slideshow

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