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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shutterfly Sharing of Bruce & Betsy's Visit

Here are photos I posted to Shutterfly -- family photos from my parent's visit to California. I used Picassa to pick the pictures, then clicked the order button within Picassa to initiate the upload. It's a lot faster than using Shutterfly's tools. The time-consuming part is editing the captions for the slide show, but it's a very easy way to share pictures -- people are used to getting an email with a link.

You can compare this presentation, to the Photoshow presentation, which I think is more compelling because it has sound and visual effects, though I think the titles are a bit hokey.

Here's the Shutterfly slideshow:

Bruce & Betsy Visit CA

And as a comparison, here's the Photoshow:

Bruce & Betsy on Photoshow


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