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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Digital Slide Show

My oldest daughter is now 9--there have been 9 years of resurgence in our picture-taking life. The first two were traditional photos, where all the photos went in the "drawer from hell." The next two were the transition to digital, where we took lots of photos, and did nothing with them -- no prints, sharing, etc.

Then, finally, I found some time for puttering with all the different sites and tools. I take zillions of photos, downloading them on my computer, then use Picassa to occasionally pick the best ones and produce digital slide shows for friends and family. I add title screens, back them to music (running iTunes as a separate application), and even go retro with an old slide show screen and a computer plugged into a projector. Impactful for the audience, too much time and effort for me, but I like building things and this was a fun creative outlet. Over time, the producing got faster and faster, but you still have to come to my house to see the show.

So what I am looking for now is a good application that will let me share digital slide shows synched to music that is fast and easy. Any suggestions? As an adjunct, I'm also puttering with iDVD on the Mac, but unfortunately none of it is fast and easy enough.

So here's where I am now.


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