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Monday, May 09, 2005

What I want from Picassa's next revision

It's one of my favorite tools, and it's free! Wow. Nonetheless, here's what I would love in the future:

- the ability to publish to a web page in a format where it is easy to view an album full of pictures. This is one area where iPhoto surpasses Picassa. Here is an example of an iPhoto album that is instantly exported to a web page: Gib's .Mac photos
- some easy image processing tools that I still go to Photoshop Elements for (but where I hate the time required to open the application). These include flip vertical/horizontal and adding text to a photo.
- Ability to play more than one song when playing a slideshow. Also transition effects.
- Ability to "caption" photos in a format that everyone else (Shutterfly, Kodak EasyShare, Flickr) can understand. I find myself renaming and recaptioning for multiple web photo applications.


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