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Monday, May 09, 2005

Yahoo! Photos

I am uploading my California Triathlon pictures to Yahoo! Here they are:

California Triathlon photos on Yahoo!

Pictures from the 2004-2005 Triathlon season.

I had concluded that all the photo printing services are equal, but here's a few little things I noticed about Yahoo!

- Lacks a "sort by" function. With Shutterfly, for instance, I could sort by name. I had an album in a specific order, and it was different after the upload. Needed to do a manual sort.
- Lacks a global editing function for picture name and comments. Need to do it one by one.
- Little details like mispellings--"relase" instead of "release" for instance.

I'm sure Yahoo! photos is the most popular, nonetheless, with a recognized brand and plenty of natural traffic. Gets the job done, and overall, it's a clean, simple design. Here's the show:

California Triathlon photos on Yahoo!


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